A Few Items

May 25, 2016

Good morning!

First, I wanted to thank all of those who helped out with the play, whether it was help during the performance, help with props or scenery, help with running errands, refreshments,....and the list goes on and on. Because of our wonderful "village" here at FOG, the kids were able to shine and do their very best! I wanted to add more to my introduction regarding the skills that kids learn from a process such as our annual plays, but I was limited by my voice issue, so here goes:

We have been producing plays at FOG for many years now. I have watched over the years how the kids grow and develop during the process of learning how to act and perform in a play. What I watch is truly amazing. It's like butterflies coming out of their chrysalises and becoming magnificently beautiful creatures. My own grand daughter walked through this process over the course of time she was here at FOG. I remember her first play was our first production of the Wizard of Oz, and then we produced it again ten years later, as her last play. Her first experience was a little frightening for her, but she made it on stage in her little pink tutu as a munchkin and sat up there looking out at the crowd. I still have that picture on my refrigerator at home. Then throughout the years she worked in the many other plays we produced and worked her way up out of her shyness and into main characters. Her last performance with us was playing the Wicked Witch in the second production of Oz, and it was amazing to me to see how she had developed so many talents throughout the years doing the plays that she was able to be a mean and nasty character, which is a hard thing to do for kids.

The skills kids learn by being a part of a production are so many, it is hard to sort out. They learn patience and how to wait; how to work as a team; how to support their peers; reading skills and how to read scripts; cultural and literary lessons; how to listen; when to speak; how to sit still when others are speaking; how to project their voices; how to stand up in front of people and not be afraid and how to have fun doing it; how important timing is; how to work with a musical score; singing and choral skills; how to change costumes quickly; how to help make costumes; how to help make props; how to listen to a director; being creative and coming up with ideas to add or help to adapt a story to the stage; how to memorize; what it takes to change an animated movie into a stage production; how to do your best....the list goes on and on.

This is why I torture myself and my staff each year when producing our plays. I choose to challenge the kids to their highest level and give them a high bar to rise up to because I know they can do it. I know that at the end they will gain a huge sense of satisfaction at having done a hard and good job. That sense of accomplishment is tantamount to growing up and becoming a productive individual in our society, as challenging as it is.

And, as always, the first day back in school after doing a play, I am always met with the resounding question, "So what play are we going to do next year, Miss Deb?" They get so excited about trying to help me choose the next play and their parts already! It never fails. And with our plays, the kids never fail. They learn, and they learn well. I am proud of each and every one of them.

Secondly, I forgot to remind people that today and tomorrow was our Bake Sale with all of the busy-ness this time of year. We will have it tomorrow and Friday instead, so if any of you would like to contribute any baked goods to our table, please bring items in by either this afternoon or first thing tomorrow. We always use the funds gained from our Bake Sale to pay for expenses for our Open House, which, don't forget, is June 5th from 11 to 3!! I will be sending home invitations regarding the activities for the day shortly.

Don't forget that today and tomorrow are half days also for Parent-Teacher Conferences. I am still receiving last minute appointments, and if I can, I will fit you in!

Thank you and have a lovely, warm summer-like day,

-Miss Deb