A Few Important Items

January 19, 2017

Good afternoon all,

Here are a few important items to note:

  1. We will be tapping our lovely maple ladies, Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth, next month when Mother Nature tells us it is time, but until then I would like to begin asking for anyone who has gallon sized WATER jugs to begin bringing them into school. This is a community project here at FOG - we tap the trees and then give various gallons to parents who volunteer (community service hours anyone?) to boil it down into sap. When we finish the project, we combine all of the sap we receive back and have a tasty day of waffles and syrup for all of the children to taste! We won't take gallon sized milk jugs, just water jugs, since no matter how much we try to clean out old milk jugs, an awful smell remains.

  2. I have been notified of three strep cases in the Sprouts classroom this month, so it is now time to let everyone know and keep a close eye on your child for symptoms, which can be fever, headache, sore throat and general malaise. If your child has any of these symptoms, it is best to get a throat culture and then please let me know of any more cases. We always ask for parents to call in with symptoms or diagnoses so that we can keep track of the nasty bugs going around in order to notify you all of contagious diseases.

  3. The Seedlings room is missing a heart shaped rock called a labrydorite. It is blue green in color and shiny. If anyone's child came home with this rock, can you please return it to the classroom?

  4. Miss Jan, our friend, supporter and humane educator, came yesterday to do a program on rats in the Elementary/Middle classroom. She brought with her a cockatiel that needed a home, hoping to introduce it to our two cockatiels we already have, and of course the children decided they wanted to keep her. Reluctantly I agreed, but have to pay $40 for the bird. We had a class meeting and decided to adopt the bird as a class so that all of the students will own a part of her, making them feel more responsible for her care. Each child would have to bring in $3.00 in order to cover the cost. I would prefer that they do something to earn the money at home so they can feel as if "they" paid for the bird, not their parents. We appreciate your help in helping them to feel ownership with a new animal. This applies only to the Elementary/Middle kids.

  5. One of our teachers found an IPhone 4 on the side of the road between the Seedlings parking lot and our regular parking lot. It is unfortunately smashed, but I would like to return it to its proper owner for funeral arrangements.

Have a nice day! Miss Deb