About Our School

A Sense of Place
A Sense of Self
A Sense of Value
A Sense of Inner Motivation
A Sense of Learning

Fields of Green Montessori School models a Montessori, earth-based curriculum wherein each child individually and actively participates in his or her development as an intelligent, creative, unique and integral part of the environment in which we all live and share.

By using Earth as their guide, all children learn the importance of place. This concept is vital to the integration of sustainability in our cultures and societies. By returning to, or gaining this sense of place, we educate our children and ourselves. The children also learn about relevant issues they face within their own communities, thus becoming active participants in the place they choose to call home.

By using the universe as their guide, the children explore who they are by exploring their source of life. Gaining the understanding that we are all created from "star stuff", our children begin to establish a strong sense of self. With a solid foundation built from this knowledge of self, they can then feel free and unafraid to explore and navigate their world.

To see the world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wildflower Is to hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour. - William Blake

Working with their inner environment as their guide, the children build a value-based core of knowledge. By regaining a sense of value, the imbue their hearts and spirits with a knowledge of what is really important in their lives. Once these values are in place, a child can set off on his or her course of life, secure in the values that are held deep within.

Working with nature as their guide, the children draw on their innate drives to bring out the inner motivation that is present within each one of us.

Inner motivation is the fuel needed to explore their world, both inside and out. This exploration will lead them into many positive challenges and creative experiences.

During this time of internal and external exploration, our highly trained and highly sensitive staff work with the children to enhance their sense of learning. Active learning is a product of using our five senses, which is truly learning at its best. By using experiential education, we offer our children the highest form of learning possible.

A Learning Community

An active learning community is a dynamic entity that evolves and changes over time, just like our natural ecosystems.

It calls all participants to be active and involved.

In order to remain a viable life force, we must always keenly assess the surrounding environment and be able to adapt to life's constant, which is change.

Positive thought breeds positive action...

By embracing change instead of fighting it, we flow more easily with the river that leads us into the future, which we maintain will be a hopeful one.

By changing consciousness into conscience, we know that our world will become a better place.

For more information

We would love to schedule a tour of our school and grounds as well as an observation of classes in progress.

Please call us at 973-823-0804 to arrange your visit. We are sure you will find our school a unique setting filled with a host of caring and devoted parents and staff.